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How Do I Set Up A Multi-Step Checkout in WooCommerce?

Looking to increase your WooCommerce sales conversion rate? Let’s show you how by using a multi-step checkout.

User Question – “How Do I Set Up A Multi-Step Checkout in WooCommerce?”:

I understand that online users crave convenience.

And websites with easier user experiences win the day.

And for WooCommerce store owners, like me this simple fact can translate into massive profits online.

One way that I’ve heard that I can streamline my checkout process and get more sales is to set up a multi-step checkout.


“…How Do I Set Up A Multi-Step Checkout in WooCommerce?” Thanks. I need a simple fix – I’m thinking a snippet, or plugin.

The case for a multi-step checkout

Marcus Taylor (founder of VentureHarbour – a growth marketing agency) discovered that breaking up a long web form into multiple steps encouraged 300% more conversions on his website.


The average cart abandonment rate for e-commerce websites is 69.99% according to the Baymard Institute.

What users say…

Statistics show as many as 1-in-6 online shoppers say “…the checkout process is too long,” according to Baymard.)

The upside…

With over 10 years worth of large-scale e-commerce testing under their belt (including Walmart and Amazon), Baymard found that online vendors can improve conversion rates by 35.26% simply as a result of reducing ‘checkout friction’.

What it’s worth to you…

In the EU and US alone, that equals $260million in recoverable sales.

But how about your Woocommerce store…

Take this example:

…if your monthly sales revenue was $5,000…this multi-store checkout could add $1,763 in additional revenue, recurring (MoM). Or, $21K in the 1st year alone.

SprayThemes Answer – Use YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout plugin:

To add a multi-step checkout to your WooCommerce website use the YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout plugin.

  1. Download, install and verify the license of YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout plugin.
  2. Once installed, from your WordPress dashboard, and using the navigation menu to the left, go to: YITH > Multi-step Checkout > Steps options > Steps Style
  3. Choose either ‘horizontal‘ or ‘vertical‘ steps to be displayed in your checkout (choose your mobile layout option too).
  4. Now, customize each step (Login, Billing, Shipping, Order information and Payment) by going to YITH > Multi Step Checkout > Steps Options.
  5. Customize the appearance and text of your checkout navigation buttons, by going to: YITH > Multi Step Checkout > Button options. 
  6. From the Pages Options tab in the YITH > Multi Step Checkout panel, you can customize the account page, thank you page and the checkout page (adjusting container width and feature colors).
  7. That’s it. Save changes and now your customers can enjoy a multi-step checkout.

For more detailed instructions, visit the YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout plugin documentation.

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