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Newspaper Theme: Build A Header With Header Builder

In the Newspaper theme you can build highly customized site features, including headers.

Customizing the header might involve :

  • perfecting the styling in line with your brand, or
  • dynamically selecting different headers to display on set category pages, for example

Here are 2 methods of customizing header in Newspaper Theme

Setting up the global header in Newspaper Theme

  1. On your homepage  Click » Edit with tagDic Composer.
  2. Once page builder is loaded, either Click » Manager icon (top left hand corner) or Click » Website Manager button.
  3. Having done step 2, an info box should show. All your headers are here, plus you can also set your global choice of header here too.
  4. From here, want to install a new header?  Click » Import Header button. Once clicked, you now have access to the extensive pre-built template library. You are free to choose.
  5. Click template you want and then click the Import Header button. (To confirm your choice and to display it, Click » Import Header button after the pop-up message, then Click » OK, then Click » Done.
  6. Now, to customise your chosen menu! The Website Manager controls the variety of menus that the theme displays depending on situation. For example, there is a mobile menu which is different from the main menu displayed on larger devices. To customise your chosen menu, say in this case it’s main menu, simply Click » Main Menu icon (this will automatically open up the Header Menu in the tagDiv composer on screen). N.B. each menu type has a ‘sticky’ option for keeping it in view constantly, even whilst the user is scrolling down the page. Simply switch sticky either ‘On‘ or ‘Off‘ on the relevant menu.

Setting up custom headers on category pages in Newspaper Theme

  1. Want a custom header to show on a category page? Simply, go to the category page, then follow the method above – but this time, do not assign the header template as ‘Global’.
  2. All done. Now, that category page will display this custom header which you’ve chosen, instead of the global header.
  3. By the way, you can also do this for individual blog posts. or for any page within your newspaper website.
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