What’s The Best Multi-Step Checkout Plugin for Woocommerce?

Question: What is the best WooCommerce multi-step checkout plugin?


I hear multi-step checkout Woocommerce stores have lower cart abandonment stats. I’m keen to have a multi-step checkout process for my store. I’m ideally looking for a no-code plugin, rather than a snippet.

Can you point me in the right direction of which plugin you would recommend as the best WooCommerce multi-step checkout plugin?

Answer: IconicWP’s Flux Checkout for WooCommerce


The best plugin for WooCommerce multi-step checkout in our opinion is Flux Checkout from WooCommerce.

Whilst there are a few plugins that do the job, alternatives being YITH WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout and ThemeHigh’s Multi-Step Checkout For WooCommerce

…it’s Flux Checkout that goes beyond the simple styling options and adds more with:

  • Address autocomplete: saving customers time typing
  • Ready to go skins for quick start: launch your multi-step in minutes
  • Most modern-looking appearance among rival plugins: enhancing your brand reputation

It’s not the cheapest at $99, but it delivers results and the reviews prove 1st rate support to back it up too.

You can get the Flux Checkout from WooCommerce here:

Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

If you want our closest number 2 contender, then we’d say YITH WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout. It too has a great presentation.

If we had to call it between IconicWP’s Flux Checkout for WooCommerce vs. YITH WooCommerce Multi-Step Checkout we’d recommend Flux Checkout because of the Address Autocomplete.

Less friction at the point of sales will definitely equal more revenue the ROI at its affordable price makes the investment a no-brainer.

ThemeHigh does a freemium: Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce. But really if you’re already trading the investment made of getting the edge with Flux is worth it in the long run.

Hope this helps!

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